Behind the Chair at Sport Clips

sports clips stylist

There are so many people in our day-to-day lives who help us do things we could never do for ourselves. Outside of your family and friends, think of all the strangers who have become individuals you’ve grown to depend on. This special circle of professionals have solidified their places as your go-to guys and gals…

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Dealing with Dry Hair in the Winter

Dry Hair in the Winter

Nothing takes away from a guy’s flow more than dry, brittle hair. No one wants to run their fingers through a mane with no moisture, so we’re here to give you the 411 on how to get luscious locks again, stat. Knowing the culprits of dry hair and then incorporating a healthy hair regimen will…

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Top 9 Reasons to Become a Stylist at Sport Clips


We’re hiring! With so many incredible reasons to be a Sports Clips stylist, from generous pay and bonus opportunities to flexible scheduling and amazing clients, it’s hard to pick just one reason why you’d love being part of our team. Tuition Reimbursement At Sports Clips, we know that getting through cosmetology school is no easy…

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2023 Gift Ideas for Guys in Central Mass

Great gift ideas for guys in Central Mass

Unsure of what to get the choosy guy in your life for Christmas? Try something local that will help streamline his life and support your community. Here are some great gift ideas for guys in Central Mass! Give Him the Gift of Style First, head over to your nearest Sport Clips Haircuts location and purchase…

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Tips for Surviving No-Shave November

Suddenly have a beard during No-Shave November? Use these tips to make the most of it.

No-Shave November is a great way for guys to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and the people struggling to beat this disease. However, suddenly having facial hair can definitely throw you for a loop if you are usually clean-shaven. To help the beard newbies make it through November, we asked Sport Clips Manager…

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What Causes Thinning Hair in Men?

what causes thinning hair in men

Many men find themselves looking in the mirror only to discover their hair isn’t quite what it used to be. This phenomenon happens at different times for every guy, but it is still quite common. While thinking about thinning hair obviously isn’t the most fun, it’s important to get an idea of what can cause…

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