The Many Hairstyles of Daniel Radcliffe

Check out the many hairstyles of Daniel Radcliffe.

As any good fan will know, there’s more to Daniel Radcliffe than Harry Potter. Likewise, from a close shave to a rocker’s shaggy locks, Radcliffe’s hair has evolved past his wizarding days. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 2001 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone In 2001, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone…

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Halloween Hairstyles for Men

Checkout these awesome Halloween hairstyles for men.

Are you looking to get into the Halloween spirit or just looking for spooky inspiration this year? Look no further than Hollywood’s most iconic leading monsters. These guys are as stylish as they are scary. Here are some haircuts that made the monster. Frankenstein’s Flattop It’s alive! While this hairstyle is practically dead, this man-made…

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Tom Hanks Hairstyles Throughout the Years

Take a look at all the hairstyles Tom Hanks has rocked throughout the years.

No matter how consistently beloved an actor is, their hairstyles might not be quite so consistent. As one of the most likable Hollywood leading men in history, Tom Hanks has also worn some of the most likable hairstyles during his career. That being said, some filmmakers almost seem to have a personal vendetta against his…

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Short Men’s Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Checkout these awesome short hairstyles for men with thick hair.

Every man has their own unique hair texture, which is a part of what makes them their own person. But some men may find themselves struggling to branch out with different styles, particularly if they have thick hair. While this hair texture can be a bit harder to manipulate and shape in a specific way,…

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A Look at the Hairstyles of Tom Cruise Through the Years

Take a look at the most famous Tom Cruise hairstyles.

Even when Tom Cruise is running like a madman on-screen trying to save the day, his hair somehow still manages to look great. Off-screen, he wears a variety of stylish haircuts with his trademark sense of eccentric confidence. Here are some of the most memorable hairstyles Tom Cruise has shown off over the years. Medium…

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Should Men Have Bangs?

Learn how men can rock bangs.

The idea of having bangs is already divisive enough when it comes to women’s haircuts, so it’s understandable if you’ve never considered getting a haircut with bangs as a guy. But don’t write off the idea quite yet. Men can rock bangs with confidence and show off a distinctive look. In fact, there’s even a…

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Is the Man Bun Still a Thing?

Find out why the man bun is here to stay.

Some hairstyle trends come and go while others turn into timeless looks that evolve as people find new ways to get creative with the style. This is certainly true of the man bun, which was a prominently talked-about style phenomenon in the mid-2010s. While much of the hype around this hairstyle may seem like old…

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The Worst Hairstyles of the Last 6 Decades

Here are the worst men's hairstyles from the past six decades.

Decades past have delivered some iconic and timeless looks. However, the same can’t be said for all hairstyles. Whether it’s a haircut that just isn’t worth the maintenance or a look that quickly lost its appeal, some hairstyles are best left hanging out in the past. Here are some of the worst men’s hairstyles of…

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The Many Hairstyles of Chris Rock

Take a look at the many hairstyles Chris Rock have worn throughout his career.

From memorable stand-up routines to hilarious cinematic appearances, Chris Rock has solidified his place in pop culture as a comedic genius. While he’s been delivering memorable lines over the years, he’s also shown off some iconic hairstyles. Here are some of the most notable hairstyles Chris Rock has worn during his career. High Volume Afro…

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Top 6 Hairstyles in Major League Baseball

Here are the top 6 2021 major league baseball hairstyles to keep an eye out for. Learn more here!

There’s plenty at every ball game to keep you engaged. From thrilling home runs to fun antics in the crowd, America’s pastime is always a delight. If you’re looking for one more thing to get excited about when you catch your next MLB game, take note of some of the most fun hairstyles out on…

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