A Look at the Hairstyles of Tom Cruise Through the Years

Take a look at the most famous Tom Cruise hairstyles.

Even when Tom Cruise is running like a madman on-screen trying to save the day, his hair somehow still manages to look great. Off-screen, he wears a variety of stylish haircuts with his trademark sense of eccentric confidence. Here are some of the most memorable hairstyles Tom Cruise has shown off over the years. Medium…

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Should Men Have Bangs?

Learn how men can rock bangs.

The idea of having bangs is already divisive enough when it comes to women’s haircuts, so it’s understandable if you’ve never considered getting a haircut with bangs as a guy. But don’t write off the idea quite yet. Men can rock bangs with confidence and show off a distinctive look. In fact, there’s even a…

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