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Behind the Chair at Sport Clips

There are so many people in our day-to-day lives who help us do things we could never do for ourselves. Outside of your family and friends, think of all the strangers who have become individuals you’ve grown to depend on. This special circle of professionals have solidified their places as your go-to guys and gals for services you’d never attempt to try yourself. Your mechanic, your vet, your doctor, your personal trainer–they have all offered you their expertise in your time of need. Possibly the most important pro you’ve enlisted can be found standing behind your chair at the salon: your stylist.

Think of all the times you’ve needed a fresh do to recover from a bad breakup or an at-home hack job. Recall the relaxing vent sessions that become therapy free of charge. Remember the monumental events when you needed to look and feel your best. Who was there by your side the entire time? Your stylist.

Training, Technique, and Craftsmanship

Sport Clips stylists aren’t only well-trained, professional hairstylists, they’re dedicated artists who are diligent in perfecting their trade. The education needed to be a well-rounded stylist takes dedication. Hair professionals must continually update themselves on new trends and techniques to allow themselves to evolve with the industry. To be a professional stylist, a person must be willing to constantly practice and take critiques and feedback to heart. 

These artists aren’t your typical creative types; their work directly affects their clients, and they sometimes find themselves having to turn a mess into a masterpiece. Most creative individuals don’t work under a time restraint; stylists are under heightened pressure to deliver a stunning final product within a reasonable time frame. When you’re as good as the stylists at Sports Clips, it isn’t unusual to have your service in high demand.

Leaving Life at the Door

Your stylist comes to work every day to do one job: make their clients feel their best. They work tirelessly, most times on their feet for 6 or more hours, to make miracles happen on your head. Stylists know they have signed up to work nights, weekends, and holidays to accommodate the needs of their clients. They listen not only to your vision for your new look, they also talk with you about real life moments. This kind of relationship naturally fosters a deeper connection than you might have with someone who offers a different professional service. 

We often get so wrapped up in our own heads (and what’s happening on top of them) that we don’t stop to consider that our stylists have so much of their own going on. These people are parents, wives, and daughters who drop their problems at the door and handle their needs after yours. Stylists are trained to put all of their worries aside when a client is in their chair and their energy is entirely focused on creating an experience you’ll come back time and time again. 

Taking the time to give your stylist positive feedback means more to them than you know, as many of them are inherently “people pleasers.” Acknowledging a job well done, completing a survey, or using their name for a referral goes a long way. The connection you feel with your stylist is not one-sided, and these professionals are truly impacted when they don’t deliver a final product that is exactly what you want. Stylists want to be precise but also efficient, so when you wait, they worry. With these things in mind, many professionals opt to skip their break to accommodate changes in schedule or longer than normal waits. When we say you are their sole focus, we mean it. 

Patience Is a Beautiful Thing

Overcoming annoying obstacles is part of the hair game, and stylists are trained to work under pressure and remain calm. One of the most troublesome challenges presents itself in the form of the online check-in system. As we know, technology is not always reliable, and sometimes the system does not work precisely the way it should. It is important to remember that although frustrating, these technical difficulties are out of the control of stylists. 

In order to make up for any major inconveniences, stylists go above and beyond to provide superior customer service to clients who may have an appointment impacted by the system. Not only do these pros know how to make you feel at ease, they will still execute a flawless cut even under stress.  

Sports Clips is known for its creative technicians who have mastered their technique, so demand is often higher than a typical salon or barbershop. Because of the hiring issues business owners are experiencing across the country, there can sometimes be a low supply and high demand. It isn’t the worst problem to have, and Sports Clips hairstylists work hard to meet with every client they can in a timely fashion. These experts always do their best and collaborate with you to create a style you not only love, but are proud to rock.

Taking a moment to think of the person behind your chair can change your entire experience and bring a new light to the mastery that comes with hairstyling. Not only will you begin to appreciate this seemingly ordinary experience in a new way, you will ultimately brighten your stylist’s day by acknowledging their hard work and expertise. Sports Clips strives to bring humanity back to hair care by fostering an environment of creative collaboration and connection.

Sport Clips Haircuts Central Mass provides quality haircuts to kids and adults at an affordable price in a clean, sports-themed atmosphere. Come for a haircut or beard trim, or enjoy our signature MVP treatment, including a neck and shoulder massage, hot or cold towel treatment and deep shampoo.

Visit one of our 5 locations: Berlin | Milford | Marlborough | Northborough | Franklin

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