Take a look at all the hairstyles Tom Hanks has rocked throughout the years.

Tom Hanks Hairstyles Throughout the Years

No matter how consistently beloved an actor is, their hairstyles might not be quite so consistent. As one of the most likable Hollywood leading men in history, Tom Hanks has also worn some of the most likable hairstyles during his career. That being said, some filmmakers almost seem to have a personal vendetta against his hair, as he’s also sported some of the most questionable hairstyles ever put to screen. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most iconic hairstyles Tom Hanks has had over the years – for better or worse. 

1984 – Big Hair in Splash

The 1980s was a decade of big hair, and one of Tom Hanks’ earliest roles in the 1984 romantic comedy Splash was certainly proof of this. But thanks to his natural curls and confident charm, he manages to pull off this look much better than most guys at the time. During the film, he’s also seen taming his curls with a more professional-looking combover that works quite well.

1993 – Everyguy 90s Hair in Sleepless in Seattle

Dialing down the volume, Tom Hanks sported the look that would become the essential go-to style for guys who wanted to project suave, confident energy. This style helped him pull off the attractive leading man look he needed for this quintessential romantic comedy.

1994 – Flat Top Fade in Forrest Gump

While unquestionably iconic, Tom Hanks’ hairstyle in the 1994 classic Forrest Gump was definitely intended to complete the look of a man whose innocence and charm make up for his lack of intelligence. We can’t help but fall in love with the titular character in this film – but we certainly didn’t fall in love with this hairstyle.

1995 – Pompadour in Toy Story

Okay, so while Tom Hanks was never physically present on-screen, we can’t help but admire how perfect Woody’s plastic pompadour was in this breakout hit from Pixar. Whoever designed his hairstyle must have had some background as a hairstylist. 

2000 – Untamed Hair and Beard in Cast Away

This look may be the go-to style proudly worn by west coast surfer dudes, but it definitely just made Tom Hanks’ character look like he hadn’t had access to a hairstylist in four years. So in reality, this style was quite an effective storytelling device. Odds are, you might find a way to rock this look better yourself. 

2006 – Mullet in The Da Vinci Code

The real code to be cracked here is why this look was ever approved to be put on screen. Oddly enough, Tom Hanks was the one who insisted on growing his hair into a half-baked mullet for this mystery flick. We’re just glad he came to his senses for the sequel.

2019 – Silver Comb-Over in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

There was never any doubt that Tom Hanks would knock it out of the park portraying one of the most beloved media figures of the 20th century. Mr. Rogers’ simple comb-over only got better with age and Tom Hanks pulled off the look with ample charm and charisma on-screen.

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