Follow these tips to get the perfect haircut from your stylist.

How to Get the Right Men’s Haircut from Your Stylist

It’s time  to tame those wild locks of yours and get a new style. But, how do you ensure you’ll walk away with the right haircut? Here are some tips you can use to get the perfect haircut from your stylist.

Look at Different Styles Beforehand

One mistake many patrons make when visiting their stylist is coming in without having an idea of what they want in mind. Obviously, your stylist can give you suggestions, but they’re also there to give you the style you want. Take the time to browse the latest trends in men’s hair and classic styles that always work well and pick a few standouts.

When you narrow down your list to two or three options, save the images to your phone and have them ready to show your stylist. This will be a good starting point to quickly nail down the style you want.

Consider Your Hair Texture

When browsing different styles, make sure to consider your hair texture. While many haircuts are pretty versatile, some are a bit more limited. For instance, if you have straight to wavy hair, a pompadour would work quite well on you. But this haircut won’t be as practical for men with really curly hair. However, a nice fade will look great on anyone.

Work with Your Face Shape

Just as important as dealing with your hair texture is considering the shape of your face. Not all hairstyles will be a good match for every face shape. But if you know how to work with your face shape, you can get a style that will have you looking better than ever.

For example, if you have an oblong face shape, you’ll want to avoid tight fades or completely shaved sides with length left on top. Instead, aim for a more tapered look to balance out the shape of your face.

When you talk to your stylist, ask them how they can tailor a haircut to best work with your face shape and they’ll be able to give you excellent results.

Trust Your Stylist

While you should come in prepared, it’s also important to trust your barber if they provide any ideas or give you style suggestions. After all, they’re well-versed in dealing with all kinds of hair and can tweak your cut to best match your overall style.

Ultimately, you should go with the style you think is best for you. But if they suggest using thinning shears to help texturize your hair or suggest a certain type of fade, you should trust their advice. You’ll end up walking out of the shop looking sharp and feeling ready to take on the world.

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