Learn why it's important to plan ahead and make your child's hair cut a priority.

How to Successfully Get Your Child’s Hair Cut

Figuring out the right style for yourself and making that vision a reality can be hard enough as an adult. When it comes to getting a successful haircut for your child, it can surprisingly be even more challenging at times. But when you plan ahead and make your child’s haircut more than just another errand, you can ensure they get a style they love without any unnecessary hassle.

Go During a Less Busy Time

Many parents know the struggle of arriving at the barbershop or salon to find that heavy demand is causing the hairstylists to fall behind schedule. And while you wait, you may have to deal with noisy families while trying to keep your own kid calm in the process.

If you go during the off hours, you can ensure your child gets personalized attention and both of you will enjoy a more peaceful setting. While it can be hard to predict exactly when the shop will be at its busiest, you can generally expect weekends during the day and weekdays in the evening to be the busiest. This is simply due to the fact that this is when people have the most free time. But if you can go outside of these hours, you can generally expect a better time.

Some shops, like Sport Clips Haircuts, offer online check-in, which allows you to see how long the current wait is and will text you when they are ready for you and your child.

Do Some Research Ahead of Time

If your child wants to switch up their look, be sure to spend some time before your visit looking at a few styles for inspiration. This way, you can make the most of your time with the stylist when you arrive rather than deliberating for a while or having your child settle on a style they don’t really like,

Ask Your Hairstylist for Suggestions

Hairstylists have training and experience when it comes to knowing what style will work for your child, so ask them for some suggestions. They’ll likely be able to come up with ideas you weren’t able to find online or that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Plus, they’ll be able to provide suggestions based on your child’s face shape, hair texture, and other factors. They can also provide suggestions for shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products to keep your child’s hair clean, healthy, and manageable.

Try to See the Same Hairstylist Every Time

Once you find someone who does a great job, knows your child’s personality, and provides good suggestions, try to see that same stylist every time you go. At Sport Clips Haircuts, you can request a stylist when you check in.

Not only will this help you feel more confident that your child will get good results every time they get a haircut, but it will also make them more comfortable and less likely to act out.

Check in at Sports Clips Haircuts today to make sure your child gets a haircut they’ll love every time!

Sport Clips Haircuts Central Mass provides quality haircuts to kids and adults at an affordable price in a clean, sports-themed atmosphere. Come for a haircut or beard trim, or enjoy our signature MVP treatment, including a neck and shoulder massage, hot or cold towel treatment and deep shampoo.

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