Learn more about the best men's haircuts of central mass.

The Best Men’s Haircuts of Central Massachusetts

You’re feeling more confident to get back out into the world after a year of lockdown, then you look at yourself in the mirror. You wonder why you even tried cutting your hair yourself a couple months ago because you’ve ended up with a grown-out, uneven mess you’re not sure how to tame.
Not to worry. We’re highlighting the best men’s haircuts of Central Massachusetts so you have a better idea of what to ask your stylist for to get yourself real-world ready.

Men’s Regular Ryan Reynolds.

A true classic, always in season and forever in style. This haircut has held up to the test of time because it is low maintenance and can be jazzed up for a special occasion. This haircut typically features a clipper cut on the sides, hair clean off the ears, and leaves a bit more to style on the top. You can adjust the length to what suits you best, shorter on top for easy wear or a little length for a more styled do.

“The Edelman” Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman might be leaving the Patriots, but his haircut forever holds true with Massachusetts natives. This haircut is short on the sides, faded down almost to skin, with length on the top to be parted with a hard line and combed to one side. This haircut requires daily styling to keep everything in check, so make sure you head home with a professional styling product recommended by your stylist.

“The Flow” the flow

Popular among the younger crowd, the flow boasts the luscious locks typically seen peeking out of a hockey or lacrosse helmet. This haircut usually covers the top of the ears and has layered length on top and in the back, creating a messy, sporty look. Even if your hair is already long, your stylist can shape it up for you to create the movement desired for this effortless look. Regular trims are still necessary for long hair to keep it healthy and looking its best.

High and Tight Justin Timberlake

For the man always on the go, this perfect maintenance-free haircut works for those who just want to wash and wear. Short on the sides, even down to skin if so desired, with only a small amount of length left on top. No need to style this look, you will always look clean and professional with this military grade haircut.

Men’s Business Regular Ryan Gossling

If you want a professional look, but you don’t want it too short, this is the perfect route for you. Cut with scissors all over, this haircut keeps length but offers a clean cut around the ear and a tapered neckline off the collar. This haircut can be styled as desired—brushed forward, combed back, or even parted to one side. This haircut is perfect for guys working in an office, or in today’s world it will keep you looking fresh on your Zoom calls!

Bald Fade Channing Tatum

Many young professionals or hard-working tradesmen are sporting this haircut. It’s a versatile look, giving you a clean shave on the sides and back, which fades up to length on top. This allows you to stay comfortable on the job all day while giving you the option to style with some product for a night on the town.

The Undercut Zayn Malik

When you want to try something totally modern and perhaps out of your comfort zone, this is a direction to consider. This haircut features shaved sides up to the temple, and usually leaves over five inches of length on top. Some wear the top in what is known as a “top knot,” and others just let it flow. This haircut requires daily styling and is more fun than it is professional.

If you’re still feeling unsure about what look is best for you, remember your local Sport Clips Stylist is a trained professional whose goal is to recommend the best haircut for you and then execute it. So put the Wal-Mart clippers down and head on over to Sport Clips today, relax with an MVP treatment and get that fresh cut that’s been calling your name.

Sport Clips Haircuts Central Mass provides quality haircuts to kids and adults at an affordable price in a clean, sports-themed atmosphere. Come for a haircut or beard trim, or enjoy our signature MVP treatment, including a neck and shoulder massage, hot or cold towel treatment and deep shampoo.

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