Check out the many hairstyles of Daniel Radcliffe.

The Many Hairstyles of Daniel Radcliffe

As any good fan will know, there’s more to Daniel Radcliffe than Harry Potter. Likewise, from a close shave to a rocker’s shaggy locks, Radcliffe’s hair has evolved past his wizarding days. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

2001 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone harry potter

In 2001, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone premiered, featuring an 11-year old Radcliffe with a Beatles-reminiscent hairstyle with fringe. Generalists might call it a bowl cut, but there are definitely some layers that went into creating this look.

2004 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban harry potter

By the time The Prisoner of Azkaban came out, the do was fuller and shaggier––think John Lennon circa 1972. At 15, it was a more mature and stylized iteration of Harry that looked great blowing in the wind or fighting off a Death Eater.

2007 – December Boys December boys

Three years later, while starring in the film December Boys, Radcliffe was sporting a cleaned-up crop that fit the late 1960s setting. There was still plenty of movement to this hairstyle, and he often wore it swept to the side or lightly gelled for lift in front.

2012 – The Woman in Black

Going full period for his role in The Woman in Black, Radcliffe’s hair was kept long on top and parted at the side, allowing it to fall dashingingly in his eyes. The sculpted sideburns were what really made the style.

2015 – Gamechangers gamechangers

The addition of full, unkempt facial hair in 2015’s Gamechangers makes for a radically different look. This is a version of Daniel we haven’t met before!

2015 – Victor Frankenstein

Although the scruff vanishes for Victor Frankenstein, the locks get even longer. victor frankenstein

Radcliffe’s natural brown hair is left wavy and hits just below the chin. This romantic length can be styled a variety of ways if you want to change it up day-to-day.

2016 – Imperium imperium

In the biggest transformation we’ve seen yet, Radcliffe shaves close to the bone in Imperium, when he goes undercover as a white supremacist. He’s copped to loving the hairstyle, having shaved his head once before “by accident” when he was 12. This look is a big commitment since it has to be trimmed almost daily, so proceed with caution!

2021 – Present

Most recently, Radcliffe has been spotted with a mid-length coif, artfully styled to stay off his face and highlight his features. And the facial hair has returned! This time, it’s a more groomed version that emphasizes how far he’s come from the days of Chocolate Frogs and quidditch pitches.

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