Long Hair


Stylist | Manager

Sinead received her cosmetology training at Rob Roy Academy and now manages the amazing team at Sport Clips Haircuts Northborough. Her expertise in all things hair, including beard maintenance, clippers, scissors, and haircuts for men and boys, comes from her education and her 12 years of salon experience. You can also rely upon Sinead to help you pick out the perfect product for your hair and style. Her favorite part of the job is making her clients feel good about themselves and working with the other members of her team.

Sinead loves pizza from pretty much anywhere and gardening at her home Worcester. She also enjoys hanging out with her cats, Lynx and Binx. Her superpower of choice is the ability to read people’s minds, which would certainly come in handy when she eventually has kids of her own.


“I always go to Sinead because she gives constantly amazing haircuts.” – Brady L. | ★★★★★

“Sinead is always upbeat and does a great job cutting my hair.” – Tim R. | ★★★★★

“Sinead is consistent and always provides great service. Haircuts are always perfect !!” -Tom S. | ★★★★★

“Sinead is the best! Always professional and a pleasure to be around, along with consistent quality and fantastic service. Won’t go anywhere else.” -Dennis M. | ★★★★★

“Sinead is my go to stylist and gets my cut perfect every time, you can not go wrong with the added MVP at the end.” -James S. | ★★★★★

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