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Behind the Chair at Sport Clips

There are so many people in our day-to-day lives who help us do things we could never do for ourselves. Outside of your family and friends, think of all the strangers who have become individuals you’ve grown to depend on.…

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Learn more essential tips for summer care for men's hair.

Summer Care for Men’s Hair

With the winter blues solidly behind us and the warmer months ahead, it’s time to get ready for summer! And…

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Learn more about men's hair loss and how to deal with it.

Dealing with Men’s Hair Loss

For many men, the idea of losing hair is something they’d rather sweep under the rug than actually address. But…

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Learn more about the best men's haircuts of central mass.

The Best Men’s Haircuts of Central Massachusetts

You’re feeling more confident to get back out into the world after a year of lockdown, then you look at…

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Learn the benefits of using beard oil from Central Mass Haircuts.

Should I Be Using Beard Oil on My Beard?

Considering turning that stubble into a full-grown beard or wondering how to improve the beard you already have? Then you…

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Take a look at the most famous Tom Cruise hairstyles.

A Look at the Hairstyles of Tom Cruise Through the Years

Even when Tom Cruise is running like a madman on-screen trying to save the day, his hair somehow still manages…

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Learn how men can rock bangs.

Should Men Have Bangs?

The idea of having bangs is already divisive enough when it comes to women’s haircuts, so it’s understandable if you’ve…

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Find out why the man bun is here to stay.

Is the Man Bun Still a Thing?

Some hairstyle trends come and go while others turn into timeless looks that evolve as people find new ways to…

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Here are the worst men's hairstyles from the past six decades.

The Worst Hairstyles of the Last 6 Decades

Decades past have delivered some iconic and timeless looks. However, the same can’t be said for all hairstyles. Whether it’s…

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