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How to Grow a Beard the Right Way

Whether you’ve struggled to grow facial hair in the past or you simply have been shy about letting your facial hair grow longer, it may finally be time to let your beard grow in. But getting a full beard on your face isn’t as simple as putting your shaver away for a while. If you want to grow a great-looking beard, here’s how to do it.

Set a Goal

Think about what you want your beard to look like. Are you going for a short beard that stays close to your jawline, or do you want to go all out and grow your beard as long as possible? Having a picture of what you want your beard to look like will help you to stay motivated to keep going.

Be sure to be realistic and keep in mind that not every man grows facial hair at the same rate or with the same kind of growth patterns. You may have to embrace an awkward patchy phase for a bit before your beard begins to fill out.

Be Patient

Of course, the next step is to tuck your razor away and let your facial hair grow out. On average, beard hair grows half an inch per month. Your growth rate might be quite faster than this – or slower.

One thing you shouldn’t buy into are any “tricks” to help your beard grow faster. One common myth is shaved hair grows quicker and thicker. In reality, it only appears this way because of the texture of the hair when it first starts growing. If you already have some hair growth on your face, keep it.

Again, be wary of any beard oil brand that claims to accelerate beard growth. Beard oil helps keep strays down and nourishes your hair to help prevent hairs from getting weak, but it doesn’t make it grow faster.

Use the Right Beard Products

Many beards have been abandoned early because they start to look unruly, or the skin underneath gets itchy. Both of these issues are easily managed by using the right products. Some guys, especially when they first start growing a beard, will use hand soap to wash their beard. It’s much healthier for your beard and the skin underneath to use a product designed for beards.

The 4SOME 4 in 1 Wash by Sexy Hair is great for any busy guy. You can use it for hair, body, face and beard. It’s gentle enough to use all over while still being a cleanser. MVRCK Skin + Beard Lotion keeps both your beard hair and the skin underneath healthy and hydrated.

It’s important to keep your beard hair conditioned so it doesn’t get too coarse. Grooming Cream by MVRCK is infused with shea butter to soften the beard, and Black Kodiak Beard Balm by GIBS will smooth strands into place.

Your beard can also be another opportunity to smell good. VooDoo Prince by GIBS is a beard and tattoo oil that not only hydrates and conditions your beard and the skin underneath, it smells amazing!

Trim Your Beard

After 30 days of growth have passed, or sooner if you have significant growth, trim around the perimeter of your jawline and on your upper cheeks to make your beard more defined. You should also take some scissors or a precise trimmer and trim any hairs that are sticking out longer than others. As you gain length with your beard, you’ll want to add shape to it as well.

Find Your Style

Once you’ve gained some length and thickness in your beard, it’s time to shape it into a style that works for you. You might decide to let it grow very long, you might want to keep it shorter in an even length, or you could even go with a goatee. You also may find that just keeping the mustache works well with your look. Adding some stubble to a mustache is a great way to make your facial hair look more dynamic and casual.

Switching up your haircut with your new beard is also a good idea. For instance, cutting your hair shorter with a long, defined beard is a great way to balance out your look. It’s possible that growing your hair longer with your beard is the way to go. In any case, taking the time to grow out your beard and keep it healthy will help you redefine your look.

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