Checkout these awesome Halloween hairstyles for men.

Halloween Hairstyles for Men

Are you looking to get into the Halloween spirit or just looking for spooky inspiration this year? Look no further than Hollywood’s most iconic leading monsters. These guys are as stylish as they are scary. Here are some haircuts that made the monster.

Frankenstein’s Flattop frankenstein hair

It’s alive! While this hairstyle is practically dead, this man-made monster had one of the most famous flattops in the last century of cinema. There are as many variations of this style as there are of Frankenstein reboots. While Frankenstein isn’t always thought of as handsome, this monster’s style is definitely distinct.

If you’re already considering this hairstyle that increases your height and elongates your features, all you have to do is add a set of fake bolts to the neck and an ill-fitting blazer with hefty shoulder pads to your flattop for a truly frightful look.

Dracula’s Slicked-Back Style dracula slicked back hairstyle

You can always count on the count to deliver an air of mystery with this dark, slicked-backed style. As one of the most iconic monsters to ever grace the screen or page, Dracula’s style is just as distinct. No one can help but think of the titular vampire when seeing a widow’s peak hairline and a highly greased hairstyle.

This style is easy to make your own with medium-length hair, perhaps some spray-on hair color, and the right styling product. To complete your Dracula-esque look, it’s all in the hypnotic stare, impenetrable scowl, black cape and fangs.

Nosferatu Brings Bald to the Halloween Screen Nosferatu Brings Bald to the Halloween Screen

Before there was Mr. Clean, there was this guy who made the chrome dome look iconic. This blood-sucking night owl was one of the first Hollywood adaptations of a vampire, before they all became smoldering pretty boys with thick, luscious locks (we’re looking at you, Edward Cullen.)

Nosferatu was one of the first terrors to grace the silent screen, and he kept his look neat with his clean-shaven scalp. If you’re not sure you’re ready to part with your locks to recreate this blood-sucking character, try a bald cap from a costume store before you take the plunge.

Edward ScissorHands and His Punk Rock Locks edward scissorhands punk hairstyle

As the most famous monster-turned-stylist, Edward ScissorHands knows a thing or two about creating creepy and eccentric looks. Edward’s own hairstyle is very reminiscent of the late 80s punks and the emo teens of today. He is actually more known for the iconic styles he creates rather than his own do.

Even if you just have regular hands instead of scissors, you can channel Edward’s signature look with a heavy-duty styling product and a trip to Hot Topic. And if you do have scissors for hands, it might be best if you let your local trained stylist take care of the shearing.

Regardless of if you want to take inspiration from one of these iconic ghouls for your frightening festivities or for part of your everyday style, it’s fun to look back on the hair that made the monsters we adore.

As always, your local Sports Clips stylist is here to help you execute a style to complete your Halloween look or try something new.

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