best hair conditioner for men.

Best Hair Conditioner for Men

A good conditioner is one of the most important hair products in any guy’s toolkit. Unfortunately, many guys are guilty of grabbing a cheap bottle of conditioner – or worse yet, skipping it altogether. However, a good quality conditioner can go a long way toward helping your hair look and feel great.

Why Conditioner Is So Important

Let’s be honest – we all take some shortcuts here and there. And sometimes it can be tempting to save some time in the shower by doing a quick shampoo and rinse, while your conditioner sits untouched.

Conditioner keeps your hair strong, sleek and healthy by replacing the natural oils that shampoo strips from your hair. Just as lotion keeps your skin soft and healthy, conditioner keeps your hair smooth and nourished. Without conditioner, your hair can become dry, frizzy and weak, especially if you use styling products, blowdry your hair daily or spend a lot of time in harsh elements, like our typical central Massachusetts winters.

What to Look for in a Good Conditioner

Just like other hair care products, conditioners can vary widely in quality, price and value. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on brand names or sexy packaging to score a solid conditioner. It’s far more important to read the label and look for products containing rich, natural ingredients, like shea butter, and healthy oils like coconut, argan, avocado or tea tree to strengthen, soften, hydrate and protect your hair.

On the flip side, try to avoid products that contain chemicals and harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, polyethylene glycols, silicones or synthetic fragrances or colors, which can not only damage your hair, but can also cause a number of skin and health issues.

Choose the Right Product for You

Your hair is unique, meaning whatever your buddy uses may not work well for you. For the best results, choose a conditioner that complements your hair type:

  • Dry or brittle hair: Look for products that specialize in locking in moisture and preventing dryness.
  • Oily hair: Pick lightweight clarifying conditioners that help reduce excess scalp oils and balance oil content while conditioning your hair.
  • Fine hair: Look for a volumizing conditioner, which adds body and bounce to give your hair a fuller-looking style.
  • Thin hair: Try a thickening conditioner to increase the size of your hair strands, making them appear fuller, or look for products that stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth.
  • Frizzy hair: Use a smoothing conditioner to seal your hair strands and reduce humidity, providing control and sleekness.
  • Curly hair: Try a curl-enhancing or curl control conditioner designed to smooth and shape your hair to prevent frizz and split ends.
  • Sensitive or fragile hair: Try a sulfate-free conditioner, which is gentler on your hair and provides long-lasting protection.
  • Swim hair: Apply a leave-in conditioner to wet hair before you dive in to protect your hair from chlorine and chemical damage. Afterward, wash your hair thoroughly to remove chlorine residue and apply a deep conditioner to replace any moisture your hair lost in the pool.

Condition the Right Way

Like any other hair products, there is an art and science to conditioning your hair to keep it soft, healthy and vibrant. Step up your personal grooming game by adding (and using!) a quality conditioner that supports and cares for your hair. As always, your local Sports Clips stylist is here to answer questions and provide recommendations on products that work best for your hair type.

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